Friday Night's Rockin' Dinner!

Friday, May 27, 2005 | View all images

Cocktails on Hewitt Quadrangle before Friday dinner

Classmates, spouses, kids, and friends gathered on Hewitt Quadrangle Friday evening for the cocktail hour. A cool breeze brought out the sweaters and those highly prized new sleeveless Y25 vests - Sean & David surely think of everything.

After much chat, our amazing Reunion Co-Chairs arranged for a quick summer rain shower, which got everyone into Commons for dinner - pronto. No one knows quite how they pulled this off - and few dare to inquire.

Dinner was a feast of international treats - sushi at one table, tapas at another, pasta at yet a third station. There were goodies for the kids, and delectables for every palate. Desserts galore for those so tempted.

Needless to say, the noise of classmates chatting up friends old and new brought a roar of joy to the great mead hall.

After dinner, Kit McClure and her rollicking band encouraged dancing for those still fleet of foot. Many were - the dance floor was packed.

Years melted away as our friends and classmates renewed old acquaintances, bonded with long-lost teammates from intramural touch football, and met new folks who turned out to be sensationally interesting.

The was really only problem with Friday night - that it had to end at all! But many a hardy soul went back to the Old Campus, and kept up the cheer and chat for hours into the night.

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