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Laides & Gentlemen, the Whiffenpoofs of 1980!

Now, every Yale class will tell you that "their" Whiffenpoofs were the best group in years, in memory, perhaps forever. As in so many other instances, the Class of 1980 shows the money, shows the love - shows the competition to the door. The Whiffs of 1980 performed in splendid fashion at the Class Dinner Saturday night of Reunion weekend.

From their stirring entrance singing the traditional "Aj Lucka, Lucka Siroka," the Whiffs showed that the magic of their singing had lost none of its spell. The blend of voices, the soaring harmonies, the thrilling solos - even those amazing high notes still rang clear.

To cheers (and a few tears), the Whiffs regaled the crowd with favorites, from the elegant "Time After Time" to the rousing "Strike Up the Band."

Joe Tieg showed that he still has his chops, his vocal "horn" - and his astonishing top note - in a crowd-pleasing rendition of "Little Pony." Bill Kasimer swings with ease, as he led the troupe in "Slap That Bass."

Another vocal delight came with Richard Slade's beautifully rendered lead solo on "When Sunny Gets Blue." Many an eye misted over as the Whiffs filled the air with those gorgeous, ethereal tones once again. Richard, like many of the Whiffs, has retained his artistry through an extensive career as a professional musician.

The gathered crowd cheered long and hard following "The Whiffenpoof Song," their signature anthem. But there was more to follow! The gentleman songsters retured for an encore of Cole Porter's delicious "Too Darn Hot," with a sizzling solo by Peter Evans, who has the moves as well as the voice.

And then, like the shortest, gladdedst years of life, the time had flown by.

Fortunately, those needing more of their "Whiffs fix" can now order the re-mastered CD version of their senior album! Check out Alex Tang's web-log entry for complete details on ordering "The Whiffenpoofs of 1980: On Broadway."

The 1980 Whiffs will always be "more than a wistful memory."

Submitted by Jack Thomas

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