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This describes the organization of the Class of '80 within the Yale community and may give you ideas how you can become a more active. We welcome your suggestions.

Association of Yale Alumni (AYA)

The AYA serves as an umbrella organization for Yale College Class alumni groups, Yale clubs and regional associations, and many other organizations. It is organized separately from the Yale University Office of Development, which oversees giving to Yale.

Class Leadership:
Two class officers, the Secretary and Treasurer, are elected by the class at each reunion to serve a five-year term. The AYA Delegate is appointed by the Secretary, attends AYA Assemblies and reports to the Class on University matters of interest to the Class. For more information on AYA visit www.aya.yale.edu.

Secretary: secretary@yale80.org
Jane Allen

Treasurer: treasurer@yale80.org
Dan Pullman

Class Delegate to AYA: ayadelegate@yale80.org
David G. Schlussel

Reunion Co-Chairs: reunionchair@yale80.org
David Good
Sean Reilly

AYA Regional Associations and Clubs:
Victoria (Banko) Babb, President, Yale Club of Phoenix
Carol Lynn Barash, AYA Delegate, Yale Club of Central New Jersey
Nabil El-Hage, Vice President & AYA Delegate, Yale Club of Boston
Evelyn (Barata) Lee, Vice Chair, Yale Club of E. Fairfield County

AYA Board of Governors:
Susanna Krentz, Vice Chair

AYA Liaison for Yale '80:
Karen Jahn karen.jahn@yale.edu
Director for Yale College Classes

Yale University Office of Development

Chair of Class Agents:
Jack Thomas agentschair@yale80.org

Yale Alumni Fund:
Learn more about Giving to Yale at www.yale.edu/give.

To volunteer as a class fundraising agent, please contact:
Margaret Sasaki margaret.sasaki@yale.edu
P.O. Box 1890
New Haven, CT 06520
T: 203-432-8899

Class Website Committee:

Jane Allen
Dan Pullman
David Good
Roger Hartman
Sean Reilly
Jack Thomas

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Natalie Yates MC '82, Project Manager

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